Working on My Dad’s New Place

My Dad and I have taken a couple of weeks off to get started on this house he bought. When he got it the original contractor had gone belly up for some reason and the project was halted in midstream. It had been sitting partially built for a couple of seasons and we just now got the wiring finished. Of course he needed me to go down there and I had to check the local wiring codes to be sure it would pass inspection. We went to a web page called something like Just energytexas dot net after the wiring was done and the inspectors passed us. It is a big deal to have the power on for the rest of it. For one thing I am going to be sleeping in here and I like to have some power for the radio and the tv. We do not have cable obviously, but Dad has a satellite dish and we figure that we can rig it up and watch the game tomorrow.

I am not going to be worrying about the drywall and that sort of thing. After we get the appliances wired up I am going to be about done with this trip. It is not going to be my problem after that, mostly because I would be wasting my time trying to help him do all of the other stuff. It is just not stuff that I have any idea how to do and there is no use in trying to figure it out. I know enough about drywall work to figure out that it is going to be difficult to do it right unless you have figured out the job. You have to do stuff like that to get good at it and you are going to mess it up learning.